Client Testimonials

I thought I knew a lot about exercise and nutrition until I met Josh! He has a wealth of knowledge and years of training experience. Josh’s training keeps me motivated and focused. I’ve exercised all my life and eaten relatively healthy too. Despite that, he was able to suggest a few changes and I have seen fast, drastic results! I feel energetic and young, and I have the best trainer. He really listens to what you say and puts everything into training you. I wouldn’t train with anyone else!


You are the only personal trainer in the desert who encourages and gives value to meditation as an equally important part of a healthy lifestyle with fitness and nutrition.


We cannot separate mind from body, and vice versa. Applying mindfulness to fitness training can enhance the results. For instance, bringing focused awareness to every in-out breath and each inch of muscle contraction ensure the right way of executing the exercise. When this is done consistently, we stay present and enjoy every stretch, hence in turn, we build both healthy mind and physical body.The food for a healthy mind are right mindfulness and concentration, whereas the right food for a fit body are high quality nutritional habits. With a proper nutritional support, we can comfortably sustain the desired results of fit-body-fit-mind!

Josh Hedgecock can be your ideal fitness trainer who will skillfully transfer his expertise in the three aspects in an ideal fitness training: proper exercise, mindful awareness, and good nutritional habits.*

Tiger N.

Josh is a fantastic trainer who made me feel very comfortable from the first session. He is very knowledgeable and tailored a program to help with my lower back problems. I really enjoy the TRX training that he specializes in as well as the other exercises that he recommended.


Josh tailored a personal fitness program for me that I could take on the road as I traveled for work living in hotel rooms. He included meditation in my fitness routine at my request. Josh is compassionate and knowledgeable, always encouraging me to excel without criticism.


Just to let anyone else that reads this know that Josh is one of the most caring people that I have met in a very long time, he knows what he is doing and truly cares about the person.


Josh, I just wanted to thank you for everything you’ve done to help me get fit and healthy! I appreciate all the advice, nutritional diet and info you’ve given me and I know that I’m on the right track!


I’m an older woman and not the type to go to a big-box gym. I just wanted to tone up and increase my balance and flexibility after having lost a lot of weight. Josh was great. He understood my limitations and is helping me get the most from my workouts without any pain or soreness. I bought a TRX and LOVE it. I’ve learned easy little tricks to keep my body healthy and active. If you want personalized attention from someone who really knows about the body, and can customize a plan for you, Josh is the one. I’m glad I found him and know you will be a believer, too. Josh cares.