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His customized fitness programs have helped clients achieve their goals of improved daily function and performance, injury prevention and improved vitality. Josh believes the exercises one does in the gym should have a functional crossover effect to daily activities.

From a very young age he became interested in fitness through weightlifting. This experience opened new doors for him and he developed a passion for the fitness industry. He came to realize that you can only go where your mind takes you first and realized the immense value of meditation and wellness.

Over the years he has traveled to clients homes and now also works out of my private studio in Rancho Mirage. Josh is always learning to better my craft through the ISSA, the Chek Institute, TRX™ professional education and many professional workshops. He passes on this knowledge to his clients to help them lead a healthier lifestyle, through proper exercise, good nutritional habits and meditation. Josh takes great pride in helping his clients reach their goals.